MasterĀ student in Computer ScienceĀ at Trento University. I have a strong interest in Human-Computer Interaction and I enjoy playing futsal.

After one year as erasmus student at RWTH Aachen University where I focused my studies on HCI I am currently working on my master thesis at Trento University. Under the supervision of Prof. Antonella De Angeli I am designing and developing a mobile game for dyslexic children to improve their cognitive attention.

For my bachelor thesis, I developed an HTML5 port of the university video lecture system called LODE. Though the project stopped there, a link to a demo version is available in the links page.

I enjoy playing futsal in the Trento University futsal team, which i co-founded back in 2011. During these years I have been the president and manager in addition to a regular player.

I like linux, and have been a Gentoo user since 2004. In the upcoming blog section, you will be able to find some articles related to my experiences in programming and being a Gentoo user.