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About myself

Work and Education

Hi. I'm an Italian Product Designer living in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I started my career as UX designer when I discover the field of HCI during my Master in Computer Science. I had the opportunity to study at RWTH Aachen in Germany, where I fell in love with all the activities related to the UX process, from the inital research with the user to the final usability test with real people.

Being always interested in algorithms and problem solving, I realised user experience design gave me the tools to solve problems at an higher level, based on human needs.

Sport and Hobbies

I played football for all of my childhood years. In my teens I switched to futsal and altough I love it very much, the list of injuries I had make me doubt of the opposite being true.

For that reason I picked up road cycling in the last 2 years, but having moved to Gothenburg, I will have to evaluate if keep it up, switch to MTB, or just go swimming like my doctor said I should.

In my spare time I like to cook and bake cakes. In particular I like to make Bolognese sauce, and my favourite cake: Tiramisù.

Altough I don't read many 'actual' books, I do a lot of reading online. Currently I am into chinese light novels (wuxia).

About this website

This website is my html and CSS gym. Reason why this website changes and breaks quite often. Eventually I will reach the point were I'll stop messing around and start doing somtehing with it. Like writing articles or something. We'll see.

Currently, I am using a static site generator, eleventy, to generate the pages, then I commit them to bitbucket and have netlify automatically build and deploy the website.

Future works are oriented towards implementing a service worker, and altough I wouldn't use it myself, I want to experiment with CMS + SSG. I believe this combination can give clients the chance to move away from low performance solutions that are current CMSes.